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What type of mattress comes with the beds?2021-04-15T05:11:28+00:00

All of our wall beds come with a firm spring mattress with a latex finish. If you are using our mattress you can add a 5 or 7cm thick high-density topper in order to make the mattress softer, plus the sheets and quilt and you will still be able to close the bed fully dressed.

How long does it take to assemble a wall bed?2019-09-11T04:18:23+00:00

The time depends on the type of bed and your experience. For example, our most complex bed can take our experience installers between 8 to 10 hours to assemble. Please do not rush when installing the beds, if you get stuck or have doubts please contact us.

Can I assemble the bed myself?2019-09-11T04:17:57+00:00

All our beds come with a DIY manual. HOWEVER, if you do not have experience assembling furniture we do not recommend trying to assemble our beds using our DIY manual for the following reasons:

1- Please note that these beds can impose serious crushing risks to children and adults if they are not anchored correctly to the wall.
2- Our DIY manuals do not show a step by step assembling process as they are designed for customers with furniture assembling knowledge.
3- As you can see these are not ordinary beds, due to their movement they have complex mechanisms that require adjustments and can be difficult to install.
4- These beds weight between 200 and 400kg so it is definitely a two-man job.
5- If you assemble the bed yourself, you will only receive a one-year warranty. Assembling the bed with our certified installer will give you a 5-year warranty.

How difficult is the assembling process?2019-09-11T04:13:32+00:00

The assembling process of all our beds is very difficult, it requires knowledge, time and two people for the entire assembling. As you can see these are not ordinary beds, due to their movement they have complex mechanisms that require adjustments and can be difficult to install. Please do not try to install these beds if you are not sure how to do it, as they can cause serious harm if they are not assembled and anchor correctly. We offer assembling services anywhere in Australia, please contact us for a quote.

What type of warranty do you offer?2020-01-29T06:27:03+00:00

All our products come with a 2-year warranty.

How much is the delivery?2019-09-11T01:38:28+00:00

We can ship our products to anywhere in Australia. Please contact us to get a freight quote.

How much is the assembly service?2019-09-11T01:29:12+00:00

The cost of the assembly depends on the type of bed. Normally the price for assembly varies from 500 to 750 AU$. For a more precise quote, please contact us at 1300 480 098 or at [email protected]

Do you offer an assembly service?2020-02-03T02:40:41+00:00

Yes, we do. We have third party companies that can assemble the bed for you.

Do you have a showroom in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth?2019-09-11T01:24:15+00:00

Our showroom is located at the Gold Coast (3/30 Fremantle Street, Burleigh Heads 4220 QLD). We will be opening a showroom in Sydney and Melbourne next year.

What are your showroom hours?2019-09-11T01:23:40+00:00

We are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you would like to visit our showroom during the weekend, please make an appointment (click here to make an appointment).

What are your mattress sizes?2019-09-11T01:21:54+00:00

Our mattress sizes are as follow:

  • Queen AU – 1520 x 2030 x 250 mm
  • Queen – 1500 x 1900 x 180 mm
  • King Single – 1130 x 1900 x 180 mm
  • Single 900 x 1900 x 160 mm
What solutions are there for someone wanting to use their owned Queen mattress?2019-09-11T01:22:15+00:00

If you definitely want or have to use your mattress there are two options:

  1. You can change our queen size mattress for an Australian double mattress. Please note that you will have a 6.5cm gap on both sides of the mattress and a 3cm gap on the top of the mattress.
  2. If you have a foam mattress you can have it cut to size. Nowadays, foam mattresses are very simple and cheap to cut.
Can I change your mattress for my own?2019-09-11T01:19:31+00:00

Technically speaking, no you cannot change them that easy. Our mattresses have very specific dimension for many reasons; therefore, they defer from the standard’s Australian sizes. For example, our queen size mattress has the following dimensions, 1500 x 1900 mm, the measurements for an Australian queen size mattress is 1530 x 2030 mm, which means that in terms of width they defer only by 3cm but in terms of height they defer by 13cm. As a result, your Australian size mattress would not fit in the wall bed frame due to its height.

Can I purchase the bed without the mattress?2019-09-11T01:16:47+00:00

No sorry, our mattresses have different measurements from the Australian standard mattresses and our mattresses are specially designed so all our beds can be closed fully dressed.

Does the bed includes the mattress?2019-09-11T01:16:16+00:00

Yes, all our wall beds come with the mattress included in the price.

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